Resorbable, sterile, hemostatic gelatin sponges
  • hemogelatinLOW


  • Hemogelatin can be used dry or soaked with sterile saline solution through simple application or by exerting slight pressure like a haemostatic device, for controlling the bleeding on:
  • Extraction sites
  • Periodontal surgical wounds
  • Suture sites
  • Oral ulcers (non-infected or viral)
  • Traumatic wounds
  • Denture sores

Features & benefits

  • Gelatin (Porcine origin). Good hemostatic activity (absorption rate : 35*). Efficient in bleeding management.
  • Resorbable. No need for a second appointment, Optimal patients’ flow.
  • Flexible cube shape 10x10x10. Convenient to use and cut. Easy to place, fits all clinical situations.
  • Blister-packed sterile sponges. Maintain the sterility of the product. Peace of mind.


  • Box containing 24 sponges (12 blisters of 2 Individually blister-packed sterile sponges)