Biodentine XP: the new dentin restoration system

Since its launch 10 years ago, Biodentine®, based on Septodont’s innovative Active Biosilicate Technology™ platform, has proven successful in replacing dentine in the crown and in the root.  Sold in more than 60 countries and with more than 1,000 worldwide publications, Biodentine has saved more than 5 million teeth!

Due to its unique features, Biodentine has become a gold standard in preserving tooth structure by offering high bioactivity with complete dentine bridge formation and outstanding sealing properties.  The clinical benefits promote vital pulp therapy and help save teeth from root canal treatment and possible extraction.

Today, Septodont introduces a new version of Biodentine: Biodentine XP includes all the science of Biodentine embedded in an upgraded system, designed to provide practitioners an optimal daily experience from crown to root with nine indications.

Biodentine XP will ensure a consistent & perfect mix thanks to its proprietary mixer and easy delivery directly into the tooth with the Biodentine applicator gun. The all-in-one cartridges are available in 2 formats (XP 200 & XP 500), depending on the procedure and volume of material needed.

The Biodentine XP Starter Pack contains the mixer, applicator gun, and packages of XP 200 and XP500 cartridges.  Biodentine XP is also available in boxes of 10 refill cartridges.  For more information, visit the new dedicated Biodentine XP website at or the Biodentine XP product page.

Biodentine can be safely used in direct and indirect pulp capping, pulpotomies (reversible & irreversible pulpitis) and deep cavities, be kept as a temporary enamel restoration, in the root for endodontic repair procedures such as perforations, internal/external resorptions, apexification and retrograde surgical filling. Biodentine can also be used for immature teeth.

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