Racegel® is a brand new gel specifically designed to make gingival preparation procedures easier and more comfortable for patients while ensuring the quality and precision of impressions.

Racegel® exhibits a thermo-setting properties: the product is liquid at room temperature (T: 20°C) and turns into a firm gel when placed in contact with oral tissues (T: 35°C). This effectively creates a space in the gingival without applying any pressure, keeping the gingiva passive and the patient comfortable.

The gel is easy to place and won’t run or drip. The orange colour makes the product easy to visualise during placement and rinsing. The raspberry flavour is pleasant on the palate and relaxing to the patient.

Racegel® comes in a thin syringe with pre-bent tips to better control the placement of the gel even in less accessible areas. There is no need to use special equipment.

The use of a retraction cord is no longer necessary, but is still possible if clinically required. The use of Racegel® allows easier insertion of the cord.

Racegel® is available now. For more information please take a look at our website www.septodont.co.uk or call 01622 695520.

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