Septoject® Evolution

"The most innovative new design for decades in needle technology, with a patended scalpel-designed bevel that brings a new dimension to the art of delivering anaesthetics safety and with more comfort to your patients".

- Reduced discomfort for your patient
- Increased control accuracy for your injections

Septoject® Evolution is engineered for a smoother penetration with less tissue displacement, meaning less discomfort for your patients, even when used for multiple injections on the same patient. Designed with an innovative patented scalpel-designed cutting blade, which makes for an easier needle insertion and reduces the needle deflection(1) that can happen with a standard needle. This equates to around 29% less force(2) required by the dental practitioner, at the same time delivering better needle control for final placement of needle, with the extra benefit of a more comfortable injection for your patient.

If you think a needle is just a needle ... Think again.

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